How to Apply for Health  Sehat Insaf Card in Pakistan 


Sehat Insaf Card 2020 Complete Guide

Sehat insaf card Health is wealth and it is a statement that cannot be proved wrong in any case to date. This is a basic human right that is important for the prosperity of a nation.

 We have long been observing that every government promised to provide basic necessities for the health and education of the people of Pakistan, however, it always proved to be a political statement followed by the care and concern of the nation. Is. Surprisingly, the PTI government has taken the initiative to help the needy through the provision of health facilities across the country.

In developing countries, health budgets are considered an investment rather than an expense. If we look at the system abroad, every developed country has ensured the provision of health care for all under the health insurance system. Which is borne by the Government or the Social Security Departments.

Unfortunately, the situation in Pakistan is quite different because people generally prefer to remain ill even if it leads to death, which is why the medical treatment of any disease is so expensive and No one can afford it. However, this move to health cards is doing something good in this regard.

How i get Sehat Insaf Card

How to register for sehat insaf card  

Step 1:   

       Check your Eligibility Criteria

       Send your Identity Card Number on 8500 to check eligibility 

Step 2:

       How you get your Sehatinsaf card

       If you eligible you can get your insafsehat card from your district insaf card center


      Check your document required

      Original CNIC

      In case of child check B-Form


      For any query and Question

      Provide Feedback Call at 0800-09009

Check the list of Hospital Under insaf sehat card program

Check Your Eligibility for sehat insaf card: 

How to Use Sehat Insaf Card for Complete Guide: 

How to apply for Sehat insaf Card Punjab
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