Ehsaas Emergency cash program 2020  appeal form Ineligible People apply online 


Ehsaas Emergency cash program online registration

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program 2020 Ehsaas Emergency Cash program was introduced by PM Imran Khan Prime minister of Pakistan on April 01,2020 for those people who are very poor people who are unable to do anything due to the lockdown via coronavirus PM Imran khan lanch Ehsaas emergency cash program to help poor people in the time of need.Because Lockdown in the whole country all poor people are in trouble mostly who are working on a daily base and supporting their families.

More than 80% of people receive ehsaas emergency cash program cash and 20% of people remain due Nadra verification method. Now remaining people can again appel online to receive cash.

How to Appeal Online Again to Receive Ehsaas Emergency Cash 

To Appeal Online Again: Click Here

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Appeal Form 2020 

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