When will the corona vaccine arrive in Pakistan coronavirus vaccine update 2021

 When will the corona vaccine arrive in Pakistan coronavirus vaccine update 2021 coronavirus vaccine price Pakistan?


Corona Vaccine In Pakistan coronavirus vaccine latest update

When will the corona vaccine arrive in Pakistan?

Given the severity of the second wave of coronavirus, every second person today is debating whether scientists have developed a corona vaccine and if so, in which countries the vaccine is currently available. And the most important and necessary point is when will this medicine come to Pakistan and how long will it be available to the common man? What is the price of this medicine and can anyone buy it? So the answers to all your questions are in this article

What is corona vaccination?

Vaccination is a solution based on the reaction of the immune system in the human body

It is injected into the body in different ways.

Some diseases, like coronavirus, are extremely deadly or cause severe symptoms, so the best solution is to get vaccinated once and for all.

Vaccination is not an easy process at all. Ever since the world was exposed to Code 19, the eyes of the whole world have been on scientists to come up with a drug that would eliminate even the most deadly effect of Anna Fana Corona.

There are many rumors circulating in this regard but the process of vaccine preparation is complicated and time-consuming. The discovery of molecules, pre-clinical vaccine, and then trials on clinical animals and humans.

Vaccination was to come on the market only after approval from the local health department and mass preparation.

When and which company developed the corona vaccine?

We are thrilled to announce that December 8, 2020, is the historic day when the American medicine company Pfizer and the German company BioN Tech launched a global vaccination program by vaccinating a 91-year-old woman in the United Kingdom. Was

The two companies began their first trial trials of the vaccine in April, after which they completed three trials of the vaccine by the end of September, which were very successful.

Trials have confirmed that the vaccine works 95 percent against corona.

In which countries is the corona vaccine available?

When vaccinations were declared safe at the local level, the companies sought permission from drug regulators in other countries, including the United States, for the general use of the vaccine, and the UK drug regulator was the first to approve the general use of the vaccine on 2 December. Gave to

Interestingly, even before the British government approved the vaccine's use, companies had placed orders for the vaccine, and it was only on December 8 that the vaccine reached the general public in the UK. The wave is so strong that Pakistan has temporarily suspended flights to the UK on December 21.

However, the United Kingdom became the first country to allow the common use of the corona vaccine

Second, the Canadian government approved the vaccination the day after the UK, and Canada will initially receive about 2.5 million doses, which will be given to 1.5 million people, as two doses of the vaccine per person. Are

The vaccine will be available in Germany from December 15

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, now after European countries, Asian countries will probably allow the use of vaccines, but it is too early to say how long this will happen.

Apart from the United States, which countries have developed these vaccines?

The results of the final vaccination phase of the vaccine, released in collaboration with Oxford University and the medicine company AstraZeneca, were unveiled on December 9. Still, more testing is needed. It is 96% effective

The Chinese vaccine is also in the process and has been described as 86% effective.

The third phase of the vaccine, developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological Sciences, began in the UAE in July, with results released on December 10 stating that the vaccine is 86% effective.

Russian scientists claimed to have developed the corona vaccine in early November, and on December 5 began using the Sputnik 5 vaccine on the general population.

A total of 154 Corona vaccines have been developed, 21 of which have been successful and are in trial. As of December 10, 2020, there was only one Pfizer and BioNtech vaccine for which all trials had been completed. The report was released on the same day and no vaccine has been declared safe in the world. However, some companies have shown encouraging results in vaccines.

The World Health Organization (WHO) will only recognize a vaccine if it is approved by the rich and developing world for general use.

When will the corona vaccine come to Pakistan and what will be its cost?

The Pakistani government has allocated کروڑ 10 million to buy any corona vaccine.

On December 7, 2020, Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, told a press conference that the government was in talks with other countries, including China and Russia, to obtain the corona vaccine, and hoped that the vaccine would be available by January next year. Will be available in the country between March.

Make it clear that Pakistan will rely on Chinese or Russian vaccines instead of Pfizer and Biotech vaccines, as Pfizer and Biotech vaccines will not be as effective here due to Pakistan's climatic conditions.

No corona vaccine is commonly used, so it is difficult to determine the cost of a corona vaccine.

Experts say that the cost of each type of vaccine will be between the US $4  to the US $50, which is up to 650 Pakistani rupees, meaning that a person will have to spend up to 1300 rupees to get a full two doses. This is an estimated calculation of financial time. The price is maybe even higher.

The vaccine will be given first to frontline workers in the country fighting corona.

While many people are eager to get these vaccines as soon as possible, some people seem anxious to inject an unknown drug into their body. Now it remains to be seen whether the vacation will really come to Pakistan by March and what the consequences will be

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