Matric inter Confirm exam date 2021 latest news


 Matric inter Confirm exam date 2021 


Matric and inter exams 2021 latest news

The final decision regarding examinations

No class, including first-year and 9th, will be promoted without examination like last year.


This time the order of the exams has been changed

In the light of which 10th and 2nd-year students since

Therefore, their papers will be taken first

The 9th and 1st-year exams will be held later

The deadlines are as follows:

Matric 10th class 19th June

Intermediate 12th class July 6

Matriculation * 9th class July 20

Intermediate 11th class 5th August

There will be no Matric and Intermediate practicals

50% marks in practicals will be given to all students while the remaining 50% marks will be given in reference to the average of the marks of part-second theory.

In addition, as many students as matric and intermediate part second will get marks in part second.

The same number of marks will be given in Part-I

However, this year's Matric and Intermediate Part-II students who did not pass Part-I last year

No decision could be taken on the proposal to give him 3% extra marks in Part I.

The Federal Minister for Education said that according to the wishes of the provinces, only smart syllabuses will be applicable in all classes for the next two or three days on the above-mentioned dates. However, there may be a slight change in this.

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