World Bank Fully Funded Scholarship Program 2024


You may be eligible for some of the most prestigious scholarships through the World Bank Fully Funded Scholarship Program 2024. These scholarships cover all thing from tuition & living expenses to airfare & more. In this article, you will show what these World Bank scholarships entail & what countries you can study in, eligibility criteria to qualify & step by step application instructions.

Whether you're in high school or university, their undergraduate, master's and PhD scholarships open doors to top universities worldwide. You will get insights from past scholarship recipients on the application & selection process. If a fully paid international education sounds appealing, read on to find out if you've got what the World Bank is looking for in their next class of global scholars.

World Bank Fully Funded Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

For apply to the prestigious World Bank Fully Funded Scholarship Program you will need to meet few criteria to become eligible. Here is what about you need to know:

  • Nationality: You must be citizen of one of the eligible countries on the World Bank list. Scholars from high income countries are not eligible.

  • Education Level: You must have a minimum Bachelor's degree or equivalent. Some scholarships require a Master degree or PhD in some fields.

  • Work Experience: You typically need 2 to 5 years of relevant work experience in fields like economics, public policy, development, finance, education, environment, urban planning, health, social sciences, etc.

  • English Proficiency: Fluency in written and spoken English is crucial, with minimum scores required on TOEFL or IELTS exams. Some scholarships allow French or Spanish speakers.

  • Age Limit: Most scholarships have an age limit between 35 to 45 years old. Check specific programs for their cutoffs.

  • Application Documents: Be ready to submit detailed applications, resumes/CVs, transcripts, references, essays and proposals outlining your academic and professional experience and leadership potential.

World Bank Scholarship Program 2024 Selection Process

Congratulations on applying for the highly competitive World Bank Scholarship Program for 2024! Getting selected from among thousands of applicants worldwide is no small feat. Here’s what you can expect during the rigorous selection process:

  • Eligibility Check: The World Bank will first assess if you meet all eligibility criteria in terms of nationality, academic background, work experience, and language skills. 

  • Written Tests: If you clear the eligibility check, you’ll need to take two written tests—an aptitude test and an English language test. 

  • Interview: If you do well in the written tests, you’ll be called for an interview. The interview panel will likely ask about your academic and professional background, future goals, subject knowledge, analytical abilities, and motivation level. Research common scholarship interview questions to prepare well.

  • Document Verification: Those recommended for selection after the interviews will go through a document verification process. So keep all your documents handy. This includes mark sheets, certificates, referees’ letters of recommendations, standardized test scores (GRE/GMAT), and English language test scores (TOEFL/IELTS).

How to apply for World Bank Fully Funded Scholarship Program 2024

Applying for the World Bank Scholarship Program is straightforward if you follow these steps:

  • Check the program Site & see the eligibility criteria. Make sure you meet all requirements related to origin country, study field & academic merit etc.

  • Prepare all required application documents. This typically includes transcripts, reference letters, a resume or CV, and a personal statement or essay. Make sure documents are properly formatted.

  • Complete the online application form. Provide detailed, accurate responses and double check for errors before submission.

  • Submit supplemental materials if required. Several programs require a writing sample & research proposal or other additional items beyond the core documents.

  • Double check every item before final submission. Review requirements and confirm all pieces are included. Submit by the deadline - late applications may not be reviewed.

  • If offered admission, promptly review award offer and accept. Begin visa application if relevant. Notify your referees and share the good news!

World Bank Fully Funded Scholarship Application deadline

The application deadline for the highly sought-after World Bank Fully Funded Scholarship Program 2024 varies depending on the country and course of study. You'll want to aim for the earlier deadlines to maximize your chances.

  • For medical programs, the deadline is typically in November the year before studies start. You sure to check directly with your selection university.

  • Most non-medical programs will have an application deadline between January and April prior to the academic year. For example, if you want to start your degree in September 2024, you should aim for a January to April 2023 deadline.

  • Within this window, earlier is better! Have your application ready to submit by February if possible. Popular courses and universities can close applications by March or April once all spots have been filled.


Q: Who is eligible for scholarship in Japan? 

Ans: Eligibility for scholarships in Japan varies depending on the specific program. In general requirements often include:

  • Being country citizen other than Japan

  • Having a minimum GPA, usually around 3.0 or higher

  • Demonstrating academic excellence in your desired field of study

  • Having proof of sufficient Japanese or English language proficiency

  • Meeting any additional requirements set by the specific university or scholarship provider

Q: How can I get full free scholarship in Japan?

Ans: To increase your chances of obtaining a full scholarship in Japan:

  • Apply for government scholarships offered by the Japanese Ministry of Education or Japanese Embassy in your country

  • Target competitive national scholarships offered directly by Japanese universities

  • Look for scholarships from non-profit organizations and private companies

  • Highlight any relevant experience, achievements, and skills in your application

  • Ask your recommenders to specifically address why you deserve full funding

  • Apply to more than one scholarship program to improve your odds

Q: Which bank is best for scholarship?

Ans: Among Japanese banks & the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) & Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) offer some generous scholarships for international students especially those from developing countries. Their programs typically cover full tuition, living stipend, airfare, and insurance for the duration of your studies.

Q: What is the World Bank scholarship for Cambodia?

Ans: The World Bank does not offer scholarships specifically for Cambodians. However, Cambodians may be eligible for certain World Bank-funded scholarship programs, such as:

  • Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program: Fully-funded scholarships for graduate studies in development-related fields at select universities around the world. Must be you a national World Bank member country.

  • Netherlands Fellowship Program: Partial and fully-funded scholarships for short courses and master's degree programs in the Netherlands. Multiple scholarships available for Cambodians each year.

Q: How to get 100% scholarship in Japan?

Ans: Some options for 100% scholarships for studying in Japan include:

  • Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship: Fully-funded undergraduate and graduate scholarships. Covers tuition, living costs, airfare, etc. Very competitive.

  • University-specific scholarships in Japan: Many Japanese universities offer full or partial scholarships, either based on academic merit or financial need.

  • Embassy of Japan scholarship in Cambodia: Full scholarships for Cambodians to study in Japan. Awarded to only a few students per year.

Q: How do you qualify for the Joint Japan World Bank scholarship?

Ans: To qualify for the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship:

  • You must be a national of a World Bank member country, such as Cambodia.

  • You need to have 2+ years of full-time professional experience related to development.

  • You must have a bachelor's degree and apply to an eligible master's program related to economic development.


We hope you like the post-World Bank Fully Funded Scholarship Program 2024 and share it with your friends and others. World Bank is giving some great opportunities for fully funded scholarships in 2024. With their focus on developing countries and passion for reducing poverty, they really put their money where their mouth is. If you’re interested in topics like economic policy, sustainability, public administration or any of the other areas they fund, then this could be the chance of a lifetime for you. Brush up on that application, shine up the ol’ resume, and go make your international dreams come true! Just imagine yourself a year from now, stepping off the plane with that crisp scholarship in hand to start changing the world. 

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